Using community development approaches to build capacity and empowerment of Travellers

Clare PPN
Traveller Health Unit
HSE Mid West Community Healthcare

Clare Traveller Community Development Programme (CDP) aims to improve living conditions, opportunities and achievement of human rights for Travellers in Clare. This will be pursued through establishing and strengthening local alliances and, most importantly, through building effective Traveller leadership and a strong Traveller voice. 

One of the prominent findings from the Clare Traveller Health Needs Assessment carried out by Pavee Point in 2019, was the lack of Traveller infrastructure in Clare. This was acknowledged by both Travellers and service providers alike. In terms of the challenges, service providers noted that, in the absence of a Traveller project, it was difficult to engage with Travellers and to meet their specific needs.

Established in 2021 as one of the pilot project under the Community Development Programme, Clare Traveller Community Development Project is a collaborative project, led by Clare Local Development Company, Clare Public Participation Network, Clare Women’s Network and HSE Mid-West Traveller Health Unit, and supported by a wide range of additional organisations locally and nationally. Currently hosted by Clare LDC, the ambition is the creation of an independent community development project.


Using community development approaches, the project will:

  • Establish an independent Traveller–led Community Development Project
  • Identify and provide a variety of community development supports to the wider Traveller community
  • Support opportunities for Travellers in education, training, employment and enterprise
  • Promote and encourage Traveller participation and leadership in decision making bodies
  • Work closely with local, regional and national organisations to improve the quality of life for Travellers in Clare
  • Advocate for Traveller human, economic, cultural and social rights and opportunities