Cultúr Migrant Community Development Project

Challenging the social exclusion and inequality experienced by migrant communities and vulnerable groups. Seeking to address the intersecting issues of poverty, racism and isolation

group of adults and children standing in a room
a group of sanctuary runners in bright blue shirts outside in a park
three people a sign saying I stand in solidarity with refugees

The Cultúr Migrant Community Development project was developed in response to the needs of migrants in Meath and Louth, including the ongoing challenges of poverty, discrimination and inequality, worsened by the experience of COVID 19, issues relating to low pay and job insecurity, language skills, information gaps and underrepresentation in the community.

The project will work to enhance participation, develop resilience and promote empowerment and self-determination for migrants, asylum seekers, refugees. The project aims to develop the capacity of local migrant groups to engage and work in collaboration with decision makers and NGOs in the community. A key focus of the programme is the development of Migrant Networks, including those that are experiencing social exclusion, racism and discrimination in Meath and Louth and surrounding area. The project will work closely with Travellers and other marginalised groups, building solidarity for equality in the region.

Using a community development approach, the project will:

  • Engage and build the capacity of migrants and ethnic-led organisations
  • Develop local network partnerships with ethnic minorities and local agencies
  • Promote participation and challenge racism
  • Develop culturally responsive approaches to supporting migrant communities
  • Work in solidarity with ethnic minority groups